During this current period we’ve reduced our activities but you would be welcome to any of the following: 

Sunday Morning Meeting held via Zoom at 11:00 if you would like to attend this please do get in touch via 07743 683684.

Sunday Afternoon at the Church 16:30 – 17:15 – Socially Distanced wearing face masks and hand sanitiser, including Team Jesus for the Children.

We are also open on Thursdays if you would like a quiet space to pray or speak to someone within the team between 10:00 – 12:00.

It’s lovely to see you here & we hope you can join us on a Sunday Morning at 10:30 for about 90 minutes with refreshments after, we also have a few evening services during the month. The evening services we join with the local Churches in Shirehampton on the Cotswold Estate every 2nd Sunday of the month,  Prayer and Communion every 3rd Sunday and hold a social evening ever last Sunday of the month.

Since the beginning of August Paul Rhodes has joined us as our minister. We look forward to the journey in which God takes us on as a Christian family ensuring we ‘Grow Closer to God, Each Other & the Community’ being a friendly congregation with around 40 regular attendees. We welcome you to join with us.

Our worship style is a mixture of contemporary & traditional, we seek guidance from the Holy Spirit through prayer & the Word of the Bible. We believe Jesus died to save us from our sins & enable us to have a relationship with God the Father through this great act.

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