About Us


We warmly welcome you to our website, an extension of our outreach to the wider community. Located on the outskirts of Bristol in the village of Shirehampton, a north west suburb of the city. We formed as a Church in 1890, as the area grew with the establishment of the nearby docks at Avonmonth. Meeting in a rented building as a small group until 1904 when a permanent Church was constructed.

Over the time change has always been apart of the Church, from new buildings, new people and technology. We have always had one goal and one vision which is our Core Belief.

Core Belief

“Closer to God, Closer to Each Other & Closer to the Community”

Jesus Christ through His Spirit is building a Christian community at Shirehampton Baptist Church. We are joined together as followers of Christ seeking to fulfil God’s mission in our local community and beyond. Through our service to the community of Shirehampton our hope is that men, women, and families may have the opportunity to discover who Jesus is and commence their own journey of faith in Him. Discipleship is essential for growth to Christian maturity. So in addition to regular worship and teaching each Sunday, we seek to provide opportunities for fellowship, personal and group Bible study, and opportunities for spiritual growth and evangelism. We seek to disciple people who will in turn disciple and teach others.

We believe that all Christians are called, in a general sense, to be missionaries, so we endorse the Baptist Union mission statement “encouraging missionary disciples”. Mission is first of all God’s mission, into which we are called and sent. Everyone has many varied natural and spiritual gifts, all of which are needed for the body of Christ to function properly and to be built up. Therefore we encourge each other to find opportunities to use our gifts to serve the Lord in the church, in the local community and in our places of work or study, and beyond, as God calls.

What We Are Like

We seek to be an open, relevant & above all authentic in our approach to Church & Faith. Our style of worship covers the wide beauty from today’s modern contemporary christian music to the ancient hymns rooted at our christian foundation.

“warm, friendly welcome always received when we visit”

Weekly Activities

  • Sundays – Morning Services 10:30am, lasting around an hour followed by fellowship over Tea & Coffee.
  • Weekdays – Through out the week regular activities take place from social community gatherings to more small group discipleship groups.

For more information on upcoming Activities, Events & Groups please see our Calendar.